Upper Tweed Valley

There was a wedding going on at the hotel yesterday and the reception was in full swing when we arrived back after our meal. There was a lot of activity in our corridor and someone tried the door, presumably thinking it was their room. Marian decided to go down to reception and ask if a quieter room was available. They very graciously allocated us a room on the floor above so we moved our belongings up. It was a nicer and larger room and we had a comfortable evening and slept well.

We left as early as we could and got on the road north, eventually joining up with the M6. The roads were busy as expected and with on and off rain but got quieter as we got into Scotland. I saw a brown sign labelled 'Scenic Route to Edinburgh' and decided to take that road. It was only 50 miles or so from there and I thought the extra time would be well worth it. 

We stopped in the village of Broughton for lunch and found a lovely little place where we had a bacon roll and a cup of coffee and were soon on our way again. As we passed through the Upper Tweed Valley the sun came out for a little while and a handy lay by provided today's blip.

We're now settled into Frances and Frazer's house for the Christmas period. It's the first time I've been here as they've moved since I was up here last March.

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