There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Dexter and the Brand New Mouse

A gift bag I received from a dear friend earlier in the week included not just a present for me, but a set of three brand new catnip mice for Dexter. What an exciting development!

Now, a thing you do not know as well as I do is that Dexter is a Destroyer of Mice. He is known to eat the ears, eyes, whiskers, and tail off, first thing. I always think - that can't be good for him! But lick, lick, lick, and nibble, nibble nibble - the ears, eyes, whiskers, and tails are GONE!

This was the scene at our house shortly after supper on this day. There to the right is the famous Tabby Tunnel that Dexter loves to run through like a freight train. And there is my husband, holding a brand new mouse enticingly above Dexter's head!

The scene erupted into chaos shortly after this, with Dexter leaping up, grabbing the mouse, and taking off with it through the tunnel. I tried to catch a photo of that, but all I got was a tabby-BLUR!

At our house, we call these sorts of mice "rats," just for fun. So my soundtrack tune is a song that talks about a magic rat, courtesy of Springsteen and crew. Here they are with Jungleland.

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