Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

The ice rink

As I think I said, Winchester's Christmas Market is now closed.  I noticed today that most of the peripheral chalets are already down.  However, the ice rink is going great guns and was packed this morning.  Most of the skaters were definite beginners, but there were a handful who really knew how it was done and were a pleasure to watch.

I am including this blip in Silly Saturday not because I think skating or skaters are silly, but because of the gingerbread man in his Christmas hat.  The pair of them together made me smile.

I never saw my granny skate, but everyone who had done said she was really good.  Her gently-rusting-iron and cracked-leather skates were still around when we were small, and we wondered how anyone could possibly glide along on those.  Especially as then you used a local pond.

Many thank to Admirer for continuing to host the SillySaturday challenge.  And to all of you for being so kind to the heron yesterday.

Have a happy Saturday evening  xx

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