Welcoming Flora

A couple of weeks ago I introduced Flora and today was the day she was ready to come home with us. Picked her up at 10:00 and by 11:30 she'd been checked over by our vet. She was pronounced a cracking wee puppy in great health.

So far she's played, eaten, slept, got under everyone's feet, had numerous accidents and is very, very interested in Otter. He has been extremely patient with her until she tried to take one of his toys. Then he gave her a bit of a row which is fair enough. She needs to learn her place and from first impressions she looks as if she could easily take charge.

Flora has obviously been one of the first puppies in her litter to the food and has a robust tummy. She's had a steady stream of family visitors this afternoon and there are plenty of others hoping to meet her over the next few days.

I'm anticipating a few nights of broken sleep but what a lot of fun we're going to have. Otter isn't so sure but he'll be fine.

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