By Veronica

Tarta de aguacate

Here's a bright idea for the kilo of avocados we bought at the market yesterday: a sweet avocado and lime tart, which was the standout dish of our lunch at the Peñon in Salobreña. Really delicious, a bit like uncooked cheesecake, with a biscuit base and a good lime flavour. Lunch in the sun on the beach, featuring grilled fish, the day after the winter solstice ... can't be beat! We'd been for a walk along the coast from Salobreña, rather shorter than S would have liked and rather longer than I would, given that it was about 20C and I was feeling a bit weary. So the lunch was earned.

Cat update, please ignore if not interested: We set out a little later than intended as we let Mystère out first thing, and then had to wait ... and wait ... until he came back so we could go out. I admit to being a bit anxious as he was definitely nowhere in the garden, but after an hour and a half he perkily appeared on the terrace. I gave him some smoked salmon as a reward and promptly locked him in. I think his adventure must have been quite strenuous because when we got back from lunch hours later, he showed little interest in going out and slept on my lap instead.

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