By Veronica

When the rain stopped

... it was hot and steamy. Due to the weather we'd hardly left our barrio apart from the zambombà adventure yesterday. Today we seized the opportunity to walk and walk, through the botanic garden, past the ugly Parador, and along the ramparts to the beach at La Caleta. Loads of people were walking along the mole that goes out to the lighthouse, enjoying the energy of the waves crashing against either side. We couldn't help stopping to take loads of photos in the changing light as the sun slipped in and out of the clouds. Extra: a guy too absorbed in his newspaper to notice.

We'd discovered last week that French friend J from Almuñecar was also visiting Cádiz this weekend, and we overlapped by 24 hours. so we arranged to meet for lunch, where else than La Candela. Yes, we liked it enough to go twice in three days. We had to have an early lunch, as soon as they opened, so it was quieter than last time. We had a fabulous spicy, limey fish ceviche and recommended to J that she try the bacalao with smoked aubergine and couscous. So good. Dessert was one chocolate coulant between the three of us.

After lunch we waved goodbye to J and set off to drive to Málaga where an extremely unexciting evening in the Holiday Inn at the airport awaited us. It's all go! There will be a Flickr album for the photos that didn't make it to here, but I'll have to wait for better wifi.

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