The Artist's Eye

By ArtistAnnie

By Whatcom Creek

I cannot tell a lie. I didn't take the original photo for this today. But I did do all the fiddling to turn it into a pencil drawing. This is a view of Whatcom Creek from the path I often take in Whatcom Falls Park. I used the Topaz Impressions 2 filter to make it into a pencil drawing. Fun and games. Shelly is here today. He was napping and now he's face timing with his daughter and grand kids. Tonight we are having dinner with friends. And we shopped earlier for the dinner party I'm giving to a bunch of his friends on Christmas night. I'm making fish, veggies and Shelly is making a kugel. There will be 12 of us including my daughter Helena. Nice way to spend December 25th. We had our family Christmas early this year. So this will be a non-Christmas gathering as I'm the only person who isn't Jewish in the group. It will be fun.

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