Hummingbird On A Stick V

I'd like to dedicate this blip to my friend, Melanie.  In August of 1984, the first day of teacher orientation I walked into Leonardtown High School.  The first thing I did that day was sign up to be a member of the union.  The second thing was to be convinced by Melanie that I should use the teachers credit union.  

When I moved to Arizona, I kept in touch but maybe not as often as I should have.  I did tell her that I would continue doing business with the credit union until she retired.  She gave me about a month's notice and I moved all my money to a bank in Arizona on the very day she left.  She's having a bit of a rough time and I know, despite the distance between us, that she frequently reads my blips.  We talked today for a bit which made me want to tell her I'll always be on the other end of the phone.  Always, Melanie.  xx

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