A Selective Hummingbird

I thought I might do something different with this early morning visitor to my feeder.  I had to get out before dawn to refill the water dishes and make sure the nectar hadn't frozen.  The temperature reached 32°/0° degrees by early this morning.  In fact, 13 of the next 15 days have forecast lows at or below the freezing mark.  For me that means dumping out all of the water after dark and having fresh nectar, just in case.  That is supposed to freeze at 26°/-3.3° but I will take nothing for granted.  It also means covering some of the cacti and the two plants put in November and uncovering them when it warms up abit to water them and allow them to get some sun.

Hope you like what I did with this little female Anna's hummingbird.  I had some fun making her pop a little bit more.

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