Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


I had a quiet day watching TV and generally pottering about until 6pm when my brother John arrived to take me to his house for the evening.  My sister in law Virginia had also invited her sister Brenda and her partner, her sister Vanessa, her husband and their daughter and her brother Terry and his wife. I have met all of them before and it was good to have a catch up. Virginia provided buffet food and various drinks were available and we all had a lovely evening.  The rest of the guests went home earlier than me and then Virginia and I had a good chat  - and then John and I watched some TV together.  John gave me a lift home around 11pm. 

My blip shot is of Buzz - a Pomeranian.  He belongs to my niece Rachael.  She tends to leave him at my brothers house when she is at work or going out for the evening so he's not lonely - and he enjoys spending time with John's dog Bella anyway.

Neil didn't go running this morning - still tired from yesterdays run.  He left the house around 10am to get the bus to Newcastle where he was meeting a friend in a pub.  This afternoon he was due to meet up with another friend - more drinking.  And then in the evening he came back to Whickham to go to the pub with more friends.  You won't be surprised to hear that when he returned home around 11.20pm he was very much the worse for wear.  He had bought some chips but I decided that he ought to go straight to bed.  Eating chips would not have been a good idea.  He crashed out straight away - he's not at work tomorrow so he can sleep as long as he needs to. It will be chips for breakfast I think.

PS - Newcastle United were playing away at Liverpool.  Liverpool won 4 - 0.  The less said about that the better.

Apologies for lack of comments.  Just haven't found the time today.

Steps today - 4,593

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