"The Gun-whales."???

Double whammy!
Whammy #1 A Radio 2 presenter, recently, read an email thus. . . .
"~ ~ ~ and we're full to the Gun-whales~ ~ ~ . Gunwhale?? What's a gun whale, can we look it up".
Meantime, here I sit fairly SCREEECHING "Gunnles woman, it's GUNNLES!!"
Be that as it may; after 4-5 days of being store-fed I fully expected to be both stuffed to the gunnles, full as a gull's egg AND at least a lb/kg or three over weight.
Whammy #2
: ¬ (
~ ~ ~  Also, I am frequently admonished to "Act your age". Well, you'll be overwhelmed to know - today I DID!
Alice & I had been Wii-ing for some considerable time before I changed our avatars and we, effectively re-started. That was well over 1,000 days ago as my 1k Blip came close to the same time as my 1,000th Wii day in 2012, I can add an approx. 6yrs at 365 to the year = 2190. 2190+aforementioned 1,000 = 3190(ish) days of Blipping and I've NEVER been older than 65 on my worst day. Today I tried one of the tests sans my customary prop.
BEHOLD the result - a 76 yr old Kanyl...
:¬O tending towards : ¬ (

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