Brian's Bits

By Kanyl

A true emergency.

The last of the Mohicans.
Alternative title:-
How to turn your audience green?

Suffering from an attack of the Stuffems I took off down to Sainsbury's for a meal somebody else made.
OK so far, but a bit "queasy". I was about to boast immunity from flu-jab after effects - BUT - I seem to have had cold(s) ever since.
Bit of a sympathetic group hug from two of them, who detected I was a bit "down".
I think there's an article of shopping "gone off" in the car & is as yet unfound.
Twice en route out of car park I felt/experienced a "heave"; Breathing Apparatus training cut in.
BTW I've been out of the Fire Service now just a little longer than I was serving.
"What do you do if you're sick in your B.A. mask?"
When the alternative is spraying the car interior &/or shirt/trousers AND when all you can taste is Carrot Cake, it's NOT all that difficult.

Having donned 5lb over 4 days, methinks action is called for?

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