Gobsmacked I was.

I was solemnly presented with a tube of smarties as we left Sheffield. Not sure if kids didn't like, or weren't allowed them.
Be that as it may - it came as a profound shock to the old system to see how much they'd changed. I suspect one of the ingredients used to be something like Bees' or Carnauba Wax, judging from the total lack of shine from this lot. JUST as edible though not so "Picture skew" as they were.
Another of the many foodie presents I got was some "Scandinavian Spice Chocolate Shards."
I have been heard, "many a time and oft in the Rialto" mocking the way "we" are simultaneously told excess of salt in the diet is bad for us and being presented with "Salted Caramel" sweets, chocolate etc.
Apart from the kitchen sink, I think salt was all they left out - check it out. They were "Bootiful" thanks.

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