By NellieD

I want to stay!

It only took a moment to see the reflection of palm trees in the husband's mirrored sunglasses before I had whipped them off his face and was trying to Blip through them. He has headed off to the golf range and took them with him unfortunately but I thought using my glasses were still worth a Blip for a nod to Flower Friday.

I got up again this morning to go and see the sunrise (in my extra). I was walking past the pool at 7 am, someone was out there staking their claim to the sunbeds!

I was there way too early but I saw dawn break and the sun come up. Funny how yesterday it was dramatic, full of colour and announcing its presence to everyone. Today, it was understated, quiet and very unassuming. A bit like people I guess, sometimes you can be either of those sunrises depending on how you are feeling and both have their place in this world - blast out your colour or just quietly glow in the background, both are beautiful sunrises.

We fly home tomorrow and the husband is not happy :(

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