The accidental finding

By woodpeckers


This was the game of giant Jenga we played in the kitchen (because it has more uncovered floor space than the dining room), the tower having been built in an anarchic fashion. I didn't collapse it!

Having not had a games evening for seven or eight years, this was a different affair. The people invited who could actually attend were not the same crowd as on previous occasions. The mean age ( not including mine) was 69. Rules had to be explained several times...

However, the writing game Ex Libris, the giant Jenga and the Happy Families (yes, really, someone had brought along an ancient set featuring Master Fox and Mrs Owl) all provoked hilarity at times. My friend J, who had really wanted to be there, couldn't make it. Maybe that was what was missing, the other youthful element (ha! we are both in our mid-fifties!) or maybe I didn't drink enough to find everything totally scrumfubulous.

Who knows? I think maybe the Articulate game I bought for the children I look after would have been more fun, as it's s more physical, make-a- fool-of-yourself type of game. I'll try the evening again, for J's sake, but with, I think, a mixture of different participants.

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