An old game that is new to me

Woodpeckers organised a small gathering of friends tonight to play games. It was partly for the benefit of J. but unfortunately she has been struck down with the cough and cold that I seem to be suffering from and she wasn't able to come.

We had some snack food early in the evening and cracked open some bottles of wine and cans of cider. When it came time to play the games, there was a long discussion about which to play. Jeremy had brought with him lots of very old card games he had in his collection as well as this rather attractive box called Contack.

As soon as I saw the old games I went to collect my camera and quickly took some snaps while the first game began, called 'Ex Libris'. I didn't play the first round as I wanted to gauge the rules and spent time with the camera. In the end my fuzzy brain didn't feel up to the wit and repartee required so I retired hurt at the first hurdle. 

I think a good time was had, and I'm sure that next time we have a games session, when J. is with us, I'll be trying hard to win. Now if this had been a poker night I don't think I'd let the opportunity go. It is a game I love and I miss not having played it for far too long.

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