A wonderful day...

After sleeping in, I went out to breakfast at a place that was new to me. Food tasted good but a nearly empty omelette at a high price means I won't be back. So I headed over to a local park for a walk. They have a new playground that is themed to the local history. Fish was a staple to the local people. With so many extras left, I added a few.. 

The first is a canary in a coal mine. The way they used to see if there was enough oxygen to mine coal. This bird is part of a tunnel in a structure in the playground. The second extra is a zip line. Oh how I would love to have one of those as a child. The third is all the rain we have had. The ducks were happy to have these big puddles in the park. The last is one of the zillions of seagulls..

My dad was sleeping when I got over to see him. Had to calm a fear again.. We talked about family history, a person I never heard of, his passed brother, the great times they had and.. He was sleeping again when I left. 

Tomorrow I'll sleep through the New Years like I normally do but besides doing the normal little things of life, I'm not to sure what I'm doing..  I might rewire my mom's computer.. remove a bunch of no longer needed wires and...  

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