a lifetime burning

By Sheol

The last blip of 2018

As I mentioned yesterday, like many others, I actually started blipping on the first day of the year.  In my case it was back in 2015 which makes today the real completion of 4 years of blipping, but thank you all ever so much for your kind comments to yesterday's blip.  I shall be along shortly to say thanks individually.

As ever, on the last day of the calendar year I've taken the opportunity to pull together a collage of some of my shots in 2018.  Inevitably I've played around with it all a bit in Affinity Photo to give it some added interest.  

We shall be attending our friend's 1980's themed New Year party this evening.  They have been hosting a party for 30 years in a row now, and as their first ever party was on 31 December 1988 they have decided upon the 1980s theme.  Looking back at the fashions to try to get an idea of what to wear I have to agree with whoever it was that said that the '80s were the decade in which fashion forgot all about good taste - I mean - shell suits, bum bags and mullet hair cuts and that is just for the boys!

Whatever you are doing this evening I wish you all the best as you see out the old year and bring in the new.  Fingers crossed that 2019 brings some good news to the world.

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