a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Far away, across the fields ...

The now traditional post New Year's Eve party walk took its usual course.  With friends we walked across the fields along the river for a few miles and had a few New Year's beers this afternoon in the pub of a nearby village before returning home to a Chilli Con Carne from the freezer.  Much laughter and good natured discussion took place as we re-lived the highlights of last night's '80's party.

It has been a delightful day, only slightly spoiled by my doing something to my back as I took off my walking boots on returning home!  I'm now in a little discomfort with a hot water bottle which is hopefully going  to loosen up the tight muscles in my back.  I'm afraid that my plans to catch up on blip are going to have to wait for a tomorrow - sitting in front of a computer monitor is not terribly comfortable this evening.  An early night beckons ...

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