Happy New Year

I hate New Year's Eve. I hate fireworks! I feel so sorry for all the dogs, cats and other animals out there, who are suffering through a horrid night filled with fear. 

I started early to make sure the boys were tired and ready to face the night. 

We went for a morning walk at 8.30. We walked for a little over an hours. 

I then had an hour at home to pack my stuff and prepare a day away from the fireworks. 

At 11.45 I drove to Niløse to give some tablets to a dog owner, who didn't realise that he dog would be afraid until it was too late and the vets had closed. I had extra, so I had offered to bring her some. 

I then continued to the training hall in Stestrup, where I had 2 hours of dog training. I practised Hero's routine twice and Gollum's 1½ time. I then did some Nose Work searches with all 3 of them and eventually I played with Gollum and Biscuit. 

I went home to change my clothes and then I drove out of town away from the noises, which had already started. 

I found a quiet place and fed the boys in the car. When they had eaten, I had a message from Camilla saying that her and Martin had arrived home from the beach, so I could come whenever I was ready,'

So the boys and I went to their place out in the countryside. 

We have had a very quiet evening with 6 dogs and 2 cats enjoying each other's company.

There were one little scare, when there was some fireworks close by at about 10 pm, but the dogs took it well.

At 11.30 pm, we put all the dogs in the car and drove far into the woods and parked our cars. 
The dogs stayed in the cars with the radio on to cover up for the noises from outside and Camilla, Martin and stood out in the dark forest and watched the clock from the Copenhagen Town Hall pass midnight on an iPad. 

A midnight Martin popped the champagne and we wished each other a Happy New Year. 

It was so good to know that the dogs were sleeping happily in the cars. We were too far from any town for the noise and lights to bother them. We stood there for an hour, talked and watched the lights on the sky far away before we decided that it would be safe to go back to Camilla and Martin's.

But whoops... Camilla's car had run out of battery due to the lights and radio, which had been on for an hour. It wouldn't start. 

It took another 30 mins for a neighbour to come to our rescue. It wasn't too bad though. We talked and had a good time. 

Once we came back, I left the boys in the car to sleep - they were exhausted after a busy day. Camilla and I talked for another hour, whilst Martin drove about to charge the battery again. 

I came home at 2.30 am when it was nearly quiet. It has been a wonderful evening for me and for the dogs. 

My picture today was taken a few seconds into the new year. It is Camilla and Martin getting the champagne ready in the dark woods. 

It may seem an odd way to celebrate New Year, but we felt good knowing that the dogs felt good and to be honest, it was very special to stand in the dark woods and wish each other a Happy New Year, drink champagne and eat cake. It is a New Year's Eve that I will remember with a smile. 

Happy New Year :-)
Emmy and the Hazyland Boys

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