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By walkingMarj

There's always one.........

Today was the Christmas party for the Haltwhistle Rings Walkers. 72 people booked for the lunch and about 50 came walking. It was a fine, sunny day and we escaped the snow to the east of us.

The party was great fun. As usual we had a good buffet at the Comrades Club. I'd put together a set of photos gathered from this year's walks and showed them on a loop during the meal. Fortunately our folk can all take a joke so there was much laughter and reminiscing.

BW presented a set of awards. There was no golden flipper (for the wettest walk) this year - we could not have chosen one for the many. S received a certificate for his short story, published in the Newcastle Journal last week. A, a shower hat and insect repellent so that she does not have to cover her head and face with an enormous scarf next year. C received a millstone, cleverly fashioned to look real by BW, and carried in by 2 strong men.....but it was polystyrene and light as a feather. This was to celebrate his infamous walk which went on and on and on to find the millstone quarry. C presented all those who survived that walk with a chocolate gold medal.

Here is HK, who devises and leads strenuous walks for our festivals. He has come up with a Strenuous Plus for the spring. His other walking group presented him with this teeshirt. You can guess which of the three is the correct one!

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