By FrankS

A is for....

...Ann, shown here with Pete on our morning coffee foray. We're actually in Coffee #1 as Nero was packed and Pret was closed, we wondered where everyone was as the streets are very quiet.

A is also for Another Year. I'll like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and thanks for viewing and starring my anniversary blip yesterday.

2019, my 70th year, is the first year when I can't see a lot of good happening.  Besides for Emma's wedding in June which will be wonderful and I'm really looking forward to, the coming year feels a little gloomy...Brexit, Donald Trump, financial slumps, violence on the streets, war, famine, global warming, the plight of immigrants...not a lot to be happy about, I can only hope 2020 will be better!

Sorry to start the year on a downer, I'm sure I'll feel better tomorrow, there's always Blip :-)

ps A is also for Andy Murray. Just watched (on TV) his comeback match in Brisbane which he won in straight sets, 2019 feeling a little better already!

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