The Mammal's Perspective

By Esper

Shopping Is So Much Easier With A Quad Blaster

..... and a team of Avengers in tow.

Umeda was quite busy with New Year shoppers today. I went to Umeda for the annual New Year English Book Sale at Books Kinokuniya, but it was very disappointing this year. I usually buy enough books to see me through the year, but this year Books Kinokuniya was only selling its usual stock of books (they usually get hundreds of extra titles in for the event) and they were only 20% off instead of the usual 50%. So I didn't buy any books.

I was not disappointed by the Marvel "Age Of Heroes Exhibition" in Grand Front Osaka, however. Some incredible costumes and props from the M.C.U., as well as lots of original artwork and paintings. My biggest surprise (dashed fantasy) was discovering how short Scarlett Johansson is when looking at her Black Widow costume. She must wear very high heels.

From the Awesome Mix: Vol. 1

Extras - a god, a wizard, a child abuse victim and a super soldier.

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