By davidc

Wide Wednesday: The Natural World

Bobsblips has set the challenge of "The Natural World" for today's Widwed blips. I didn't have time to go far and was puzzling what to photograph when my Editor suggested that I do a shot showing how nature generally manages to  restore itself no matter what we humans do to it. Not far from us are the remains of a demolished house and, as you can see, nature is making a pretty good job of reclaiming the site!

(Nature does have its limits of course - and unless we're very careful we're at risk of tipping the balance beyond the power of nature to heal itself.)

Many thanks to blipper steveng for hosting Widwed this week.

PS It's just dawned on me that I can tag this for Marlieske's Derelict Sunday challenge too :-))

PPS Steveng has kindly pointed out that I could do a triple whammy and tag this for Cailleach's Wild Wednesday challenge too!

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