A fresh start

With the new year beginning, the tenant in 201 has taken down her Christmas display and put up this new one.  I like to see it as I pass by.  Beneath the poster is a lovely pot of flowers. The lobby Christmas decorations will be coming down on Sunday, and people who "borrowed" things from the display are asked to bring them back by then.

A clear and cold day, but full of frustrations for me.  After my ultrasound appointment, I headed to Costco to buy the two things I get there, for which I have a serious need.  But I couldn't park.  I drove up and down the aisles at a snail's pace, but finally gave up.  Then I went to Trader Joe's, which has the no-salt canned tuna and pretty flowers .In my perambulations around the store, I discovered that many items I wanted to check out are placed so high on the shelves that I literally can't grasp them even with my fingertips. For example, one has to lean across the freezer case to reach up to the crackers - my fingers barely touched the bottom package and I got nowhere near the top of the stack to pull one down.  

I know I haven't gotten any shorter (5'.25"), but the world is seeming very tall to me these days and people I though of as fairly tall have suddenly become giants.  It's disconcerting.

I tried to upload two Extra photos of flowers, but Blipfoto refused to do it.  More frustration.

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