By seizetheday

Ball of feathers

Post-Christmas backblip 3

Another lovely day out with MrM, Tom, Lucy and Jake, this time to Wallington, a National Trust property. We did the Riverside Walk, strolled through the Walled Garden, admired the plants and decorations in the greenhouse, inspected the reindeer (extra), and had a late lunch in the cafe. This flock of long-tailed tits was on one of the feeders in the Walled Garden. Before leaving, we paid the inevitable visit to the shop, where Tom and I both bought pots and bulbs in the sale.

In the evening, Lucy was persuaded to sort through several large boxes of her belongings that she hadn't set eyes on for around 10 years. She'd like to keep a few bits and pieces, but there are now several piles of things for me to take to the charity shop after the holiday. And considerably more space in the cupboard!
Meanwhile, Tom helped me to set up a computer in the 'Music room' for MrM's use. It took a while, and I couldn't have done it without  him - thanks Tom!

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