By seizetheday

Guile Point

Post-Christmas backblip 2

Lucy had requested a beach walk, and MrM suggested walking along Ross Back Sands to the beacons on Guile Point. It was a lovely day - very mild and still, with blue sky and sunshine, and easy walking as the tide was out and we were able to walk on the firm sand towards the water's edge. Picnic lunch sitting on the dunes looking towards Lindisfarne Castle.

Home to a roast dinner cooked by MrM - delicious! What a day!

Ross Back Sands (Ross Beach) is an area of unspoilt sand and dunes between Bamburgh (to the south) and Guile Point (to the north). The point is to the south side of Lindisfarne harbour, and on it stand Old Law Beacons, two navigation beacons that were once used by vessels entering the harbour.

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