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Eilidh day

Spent the day with Eilidh today as her mum slept after night shift, her dad worked and Isobel went to nursery. We went up town to the ice rink in St Andrew Square and we skated. I'm going to repeat that, 'we' skated.
As Edinburgh residents, the first session of the day cost us £4 each instead of £5 and I hired a penguin supporter for an additional £5 for Eilidh. It seemed an awful lot of money to keep her safe, ... but maybe I'm just old - see extra that's my posh new toorie bunnet btw. You aren't allowed to take pictures for elf and safety reasons, but one of the elves took the extra for me! The penguin helped keep Eilidh upright most of the time and also allowed me to skate behind her and move her around the rink more easily, but it was a terrifying experience. I was glad we were at the first and quietest session and on a day when most of the tourists have gone home. The rink closes on Saturday.
I think the last time I skated was last century and I remember thinking then how hard the ice was. I used to take both of the girls to Murrayfield rink. However, one of us did not fall over! That's my posh new toorie bonnet btw for those who were asking!
Over to M&S afterwards for a cup of tea and a shared toasted tea cake then onto the bus home.
We spent the rest of the day at home playing shops and with Ali's old Polly Pocket toys - they've lasted well. Eilidh went home with her mum at around 4pm. She's such a good natured child, but I'm glad I'm her grandmother not her mother, I haven't got the energy.
The main blip is our tree which is bearing up well too
15256 steps today, 5000 of them with Eilidh, not bad for a new 5 year old.

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