By Livingandloving

She Flies

We had a relaxing jammy day at my parent's house.  It was exactly what I craved.  The Girls had fun together, and I had a good visit with my mom.  This photo is off focus, but it captures the feel of the day.  No where else we'd rather be. 

We had an evening of board games, and that was a highlight.  We love it when my dad plays with us.  It is a gift, as I'm not sure he really enjoys it as much as we do. 

As I was heading to bed, it became apparent as to why I had been feeling poorly.  I soon had the tell tale signs of a UTI.  I hadn't had one in years and years, but alas.....It was too far gone.  I found myself flat out miserable by 2am.  I packed up....leaving a note for everyone, and drove to my own town where a 24 hour Walmart provided me some pain relief.  I arrived home by 4:30am.  I would be needing a doctor in the AM.  Not how I planned this break to go......

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