Slippy Slidey

Taking the nephews for a skating session. On the way a look in the Serpentine gallery at an exhibition - rubbish, but don't take any notice of me. On the way back a dive into the Science Museum to stare in wonder at the series of steam engines and try to understand how they work. Baffling but mighty impressive that the first designers thought out how to construct them.

A brisk walk back across the park stopping to look at the pesky parakeets ( they come over here, take the food from our indigenous birds mouths etc.). See extra. 

Actually they are pretty but because they are a novelty the tourists trample round the trees, inadvertently compressing the roots and causing great distress for the splendid trees. Now the parks have fenced round several of the trees to keep the punters at a distance. Not the fault of the birds , I suppose.

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