Au revoir

Post-Christmas backblip 5

All too soon it was time to wave Tom, Lucy and Jake off on their train back to Leeds and their various New Year celebrations. We've very much enjoyed their company over the last few days!

Then it was an unscheduled trip to the sales for MrM and me, to replace my hairdryer (died yesterday in dramatic fashion, glowing orange and billowing smoke!) and the kettle (which gave up the ghost entirely this morning). Neither was new, but not that old either, and I just hate the obsolescence factor that seems to be built in to all modern electrical goods.
On the way back home we passed a well-known outdoor shop, and it was probably a mistake to suggest that we just have a look for a pair of walking trousers for me! We came out some walking trousers - a make suggested by Lucy and, amazingly, they actually fit me - and several other unplanned purchases. No excuses now for not getting out if it's wet weather!

Off to Belford in the evening to see in the new year with Mouldy, who cooked a splendid meal! Many thanks for her hospitality.

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