Costco Roses

We went to Costco last week and, as one does, bought all sorts of things we didn't really need, including these roses, but they are still going strong and are proving to be well worth the price. They have been a nice antidote to Christmas decorations on our hall table.

I took my computer to the very nice guy named Phil who told me how to fix the software. He said it was like a spilled file cabinet. I have to take every one of my thousands of photographs and put it into its correct folder which I also create. Or, I just ignore it all which is what I've been doing so far. This is the second time I have been to see Phil and he's never asked for money. Sure beats the Apple Store experience.

I went to the yarn store to get some more yarn and discovered that I had a credit, so that didn't cost anything either. Sure beats the dental office experience. Oh, and who should I see in the yarn store but the very dental hygienist who knocked out my filling. She apologized again.

My neighbor Cindy and her daughter came by for a very pleasant visit. I was just telling them about Fergus the frog who lives in our pond and begins his evening ritual at 5:20 evening. He must know that it's too dark to take a picture of him because he posed very nicely for us in the light of our flashlight. He is only about the size of my thumb but makes his presence known. It must be some sort of self protection that he sounds like a much bigger creature.

It is supposed to start raining tomorrow but it is hard to believe now. It is chilly but there's not a cloud in the sky...yet.

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