We are quite charmed by Fergus, who was probably began life in the pool by our front steps and survived as a tadpole. Despite the fact that the pond became so murky and full of algae that we finally had to catch as many tadpoles as we could and release them into the creek he must have managed to evade our ministrations. I doubt if he could have made it back from the creek since he is only about the size of my thumb, so he must have been one of the few that developed legs and hopped from water to land before we emptied his pond and refilled it. 

We can set our watches by the time (5:20pm) he begins his evening song, which is seriously loud for such a little fellow. If we go looking for him, he vanishes, but seems to be somewhat mesmerized by the light of a flashlight for he posed quite nicely for us when we found him with it. The bulging pouch under his jaw must be what allows him to make such a resounding croak.

I realize that a frog is not the best image to recognize son Matthew's 'big' birthday today, but I am putting one of him at home with Phoebe and Gus in extras. Happy birthday, Matt. You have made us proud. 

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