Common Enchantments

By MaryElizaR

Petunia Blooming

When I looked out in the rain today, my petunias from the summer had two blooms!  It is January petunias!  

I spent the day painting the upstairs just seemed like a good time since I had the paint for over 6 months!    It was a sandy golden color but now it is the palest light blue.  It looked grey going on but now that it is dried it is the blue color that I wanted.  Really lightened up the little room.    I still have to go back to do some touch ups and I need to repaint the white trim.  

We had a great dinner at the Bone In Barbeque place.   My daughter in law and I shared a beef brisket sandwich because we knew it would be too much for us.   It was good.   The appetizer menu had a pickle we got that.   It had pumpkin rind and watermelon rind pickles, homemade spicy dill pickles and bread and butter pickles  and pickled peanuts..raw peanuts in the shell..a sweetish kind of taste.   I liked them all!    We also had salt and vinegar brussell sprouts with our meal.  Really good..the sprouts were halved and then cooked very brown..sprinkled with malt vinegar and salt.  Yummy.  The dessert was a homemade fried apple pie with cinnamon ice cream.   Fried apple pies are a favorite!  

Now I am tired..painting is more work than hiking five miles.   I think I climbed up that ladder about 2000 times!!  

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