Every Little Step

By moonfairy

Repairing Broken Things.

I started  to take down the decorations today, I wanted it all done before the girls come back on Monday.

I was going great guns, until my husband decided to help me.  He sealed up the Christmas tree box - fine.

Then he decided to get  one of my prized decorations down, from on top of the bookcase.  It was a china set of 3 Father Christmas Russian dolls.  I'd bought it in a sale some years ago, and was very expensive.

I told him not to bother, but he did anyway.  The consequence was he dropped the biggest one, and it smashed to pieces.  I still have the 2 smaller ones, but I'm very upset, not to say angry.

He said he was trying to help, but I'd done everything else on my own!

The things in my blip I was able to repair.  One was broken by a child, one chewed by a cat, and the Christmas tree musical box fell apart with old age.

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