The second half of life..

By twigs


I took a very sedate and easy drive from Taupo south, enjoying the adventure, the drive, the scenery and the excitement.  Stopped more than a few times including one rather longer than expected nap.  It's good to stay alert on the roads and when you have the choice of places to lie down and rest on - well - why wouldn't you?!

As I was going to pass right alongside C & M's property near Taihape I decided I'd drop in and say hello.  I would have called ahead but didn't have their number, but that didn't seem to worry them at all.  It was lovely to see them and was invited to park up for the night and stay for dinner.  We even did a little sheep herding before dinner ready for Colin to take a couple of the rams to town tomorrow.  Couldn't resist asking him if he minded me taking a few pictures of him with his sheep which he was happy to oblige with.   

PS the map location is only a general one to help people find Taihape easily not C & M's farm!!

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