An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

New Year. New me...eventually :-)

Yip.  It's that time of year again where I make all those promises to myself about drinking less gin, eating more healthily, getting some more exercise, thinking more positively and generally taking better care of myself.   I don't make NY resolutions (they're made to be broken) but this year, more than in recent years, I really feel more positive about change and hope that I will be in a position to look back at this blip on this date in 2020 and say I achieved what I set out to.  

Time will tell.

But to get me off on the right positive foot, the year couldn't have gotten off  to a better start as I received an email this morning (see extra) informing me that one of my shots has been shortlisted in the Royal Photographic Society's Review of the Year 2018 competition.   I am over the moon! :-))

I only decided to enter the competition at the last minute so it was all a bit rushed, and as I was uploading my entries (in the wee small hours one night last week) our internet connection failed!  I was seconds away from throwing in the towel thinking it was an omen that I didn't stand a chance anyway, but given my promise to myself to be more positive this year, I persevered and now I am so glad I did.

The photograph that's been shortlisted is THIS ONE, which again I almost ditched as I wanted to re-edit it before submitting and I couldn't find the original shot!  (re-edited version in extras) I eventually found it on a memory stick, re-edited it to remove the distracting bits of wispy cloud, and it was the last one I uploaded before closing my lap top and forgetting all about the competition.

Although it would be lovely to be one of the three winners, I really am truly over the moon at just being shortlisted, as it has given me such a boost and reinforced my attitude of gratitude and positivity.  I am reaping the rewards already!  :-))  And it's all the more special as the shot was taken when we visited the Kelpies with my lovely Blip Pal P when she was visiting us from her home in Maine.  Great memories of the day.

In other news, Alan's pal Andrew is here for the day, we are in the middle of taking down the Christmas decs (the place looks so bare!) and Alan has got a new comfy chair to try out over the next four days.

Never a dull moment!  

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