By Veronica


Yesterday is backblipped.

We forgot it was a bank holiday today, owing to Epiphany falling on a Sunday. It didn't matter though, we went out for lunch at local restaurant La Mar de Plata anyway. It's a very traditional place and most customers were family groups. The one at the next table to us had ordered paella for six, and my eye was caught by the steam curling from the pan as the waiter stirred it. I need to get better at this shooting from the hip thing though.

We didn't have paella (I admit to not being terribly keen on it); after sharing our habitual ensalada tropical (this one featuring pomegranate seeds, grapes, walnuts, and sun-dried tomatoes along with the usual ingredients), we had a sea bass baked in salt, expertly filleted by the waiter using a serving spoon. It was served with a few plain boiled potatoes and a delicious Spanish take on remoulade sauce featuring chopped red peppers and pimentón. Simple food, done very well. Worth going back for a menu del día I think. Dessert was ice cream bought from a shop on the seafront as we strolled home.

A lovely sunny day, but there's starting to be a bit of a chill in the air. I still spent a fair amount of time this morning sitting in the garden with a book, while Mystère romped around the neighbourhood, coming back every half hour or so to check up on me.

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