Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


Had a nice long lie in today and then did a few household chores.  Around 3pm I got the bus to Gateshead.  Looked in some of the small shops and then headed for the big Tesco where I got some fruit and salad items. 

Then it was time for the cinema - the Vue which is just opposite Tesco. A few days ago I got an e mail from " See Film First " offering free tickets for a preview screening of " Colette ".  I got in quick and managed to get a ticket. ( sometimes I'm not quick enough - or more often than not the screenings aren't at a convenient cinema for me ).  The film started at 6.30pm but I was there early so I was able to get one of the comfy VIP seats.

The film was excellent. Its based upon the life of the French novelist Colette.  I'm not a particular fan of Keira Knightley but she played the part of Colette very well.  And Dominic West did a good job with his portrayal of Colette's husband " Willie". The costumes were really good too.

The film finished around 8.30pm.  As I was leaving I saw a poster in the foyer for the film so I decided it would be my blip.  However by the time I got my camera out the poster had changed.  I hadn't realised it was a digital changing poster.  So I had to hang around and wait while an assortment of other films appeared until finally Colette came around again.

I had just missed a bus home and had a half hour wait.  Instead of waiting in the cold bus station I just nipped into Tesco and had a wander. 

Steps today - 7,061

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