Thorns hardware shop, Norwich

This shop is a treasure trove. I could spend many hours in here, but would probably get moved I was in there looking at, and buying, seed potatoes. I bought Desiree main crop. I'm going to do a bit more research before I buy earlies. We have heavy clay soil, and although I know that really I just need to add goodness to it, if there are potatoes that are a bit more adaptable to clay I'd like to try them.

After Thorn's and Tesco we took a circular walk up to the Catholic cathedral then down and back via Pottergate. Lots of nice buildings and doing the walk in the opposite direction to normal we saw things differently. There was a plaque saying an infirmary for sick children had stood on the site, until 1900. Then it was moved to Unthank Road in Norwich. I always think that's an unusual road name, but in the depths of my memory, I think my nan used to refer to it. That would have been referring to Norwich around 1st WW time. I might be wrong. I don't know where the road is, how big it is or anything, just it's name.

Leaving work a bit later. Tired. Got tap tonight. I remember now why it was so nice working from home on a Wednesday; it gave me a bit of life outside of work. I'd been on the verge of giving up tap as I was always so tired by Wednesday night. I'll see how I feel after our show in Feb, but have to continue until then.

Slow bus, then dark wet roads. Unless mother nature is planning on giving us a proper cold snowy winter, id like her to roll on Spring.

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