By pensionspoet

New cardi

I am extremely lucky in that I have a very talented knitter as a sister in law.

Today, Jon went to Hoddesdon for his uncle’s funeral. He had a long day, and lots of driving, but worth it to be able to give Jim a good send off, and to catch up with the family on his mum’s side. His sister Jen has been knitting me a cardigan. I found wool in the colour pink that I’ve been searching for, and she did it in a couple of weeks!! I’m so pleased. Just got to find myself some nice buttons.

Haven’t done too much today. Pleased to do 2 loads of washing and even got my sheets out on the line. They dried almost completely as it was quite blowy. I also planted a few bulbs in the verge at the front of the house. I think they are mostly snowdrops, and probably some small daffodils. I plan to fill it eventually and then there will then be a nice array of Spring flowers, with a few primroses that are already there.

Spent the afternoon just sitting in the lounge. I watched a Christmas film as I’m feeling a lot better now. I plan to do all the things I didn’t do at Christmas when I felt so ill. Hoping I can make a pavlova at the weekend, as we missed out on that.

Now watching Death in Paradise. The best thing about January is all the new tv series!!

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