Overstrand Beach

The morning was a trip to Lidl. Jon did the shopping, while I trailed behind. Then home, and he put everything away with Mollie and Henry’s help, while I sat down. Then he brought my lunch on a tray! Getting back to normal, and do feel better now, just seem to get tired very quickly.

After a couple of hours of doing nothing, with the tv on, someone on one of those ‘home in the sun’ programmes, (where a couple of 30 somethings have a budget of £800,000 to buy themselves a place abroad) said they’d like to be able to walk on the beach. Jon then said, ‘I’d like to walk on the beach’ and we are so lucky that we can, so that’s what we did.

I had planned to spend a lot of the Christmas holidays, having walks on the beach. So today we had an hour with the dog at Overstrand beach. It was impossible to walk without taking photos. I took loads. I have also managed to delete lots of them. This was the best one I decided.

Home and I fell asleep. It must have been the sea air as it was only a short walk. ‘Made’ pizzas for dinner (added toppings to 3 regular cheese and tomato pizzas) and had a very civilised dinner for 5, up the table not on our laps.

Now a film Jon got for Christmas. A silly version of Holmes and Watson - with Will Ferrell and John C Reilly.

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