Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

Grand Central

For the Wide Wednesday challenge theme of buildings/architecture, Birmingham is always a useful location to go hunting for an image.  For once I hadn't used the train, instead hopping on the tram after dropping off L's car to investigate some problems.

Grand Central is heaven sent for such a challenge, but the difficulty is always to do justice to the space.  This time I used my phone's panoramic facility, using the concourse as a guide to keep it as level as possible.

After that it was a bit of exploring, walking out to Edgbaston Reservoir as I'd seen some images taken from that location of the city skyline.  Have to say I think the view is better from South Side, but it has some possibilities in the right lighting conditions.  By then I'd had the call to pick up the car, though it will have to go back in next week to fix a leak which is causing water to well up under the back seat.

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