A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

A swan story.

This was taken at 8.12am when it was barely light. Much darker when we set out into the woods at 7.15, torches were needed!

So it’s not the best of shots but it does tell a little story. Here at the end of Coppice Pond are four swans just waking. The white one advancing is the only remaining one of 2017’s brood. The other three, still with brown feathers are from 2018’s brood of 8. The other five were just the other side of the trees being fed by my neighbour. They have been exciled to this location by the parents.
You can just make out a tiny spot of white to the left of the island. That’s dad on guard. The pen was on the island presumably preparing for the 2019 brood!

They both came over to be fed as we walked down the side of the Pond towards the feeding station. They didn’t bother following us down there but when three Canada Geese flew in they both quickly followed suit flying over to see them off!
No messing with these guys!

So it all starts again. Wonder how many cygnets we’ll get this year and how many will survive? It’s already getting a bit crowded.

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