Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

The Tiny Rainforest Adventure continues...

The Tinies were burning up the internet today as they each tried to be the first to get their viper photos submitted.  Photographing the rare Tiny Pitviper was something they'd been hoping for, but as the days went on it seemed less and less likely...until today!  They were up early, off into the rainforest when suddenly their guide told them all to be perfectly still!  Tiny breaths were held in excitement as slowly ... oh, so slowly... tiny heads looked up.  Tiny gasps of delight and then the sound of a gazillion shutter clicks.  (If you are wondering, a gazillion is way more than 5.7 billion.)  

They Tinies are nearly at the end of their excellent adventure in the tropics, alas.  They are still hoping to shoot some bats, but there are apparently some logistical issues with that.  So, stay tuned...

Meanwhile, the full-sized human is counting the days until her own Desert Adventure begins.  Also, feeling pretty smug having already completed 4 days of workouts this week.  

The weather is dreadful - only 30 F and very windy.  There were a few flurries this morning, but most of the flakes were moving horizontally due to the wind, so not optimum for photography.  Not to mention that the photographer is a bit of a wuss these days when it comes to cold weather.  

Four days...


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