twinned with trumpton


Three non visit days; three office days; thanks, IT provider. 

In at a reasonable hour; and again my crutch of choice was headphones / Max Richter (Memoryhouse, obv) and a smattering of Trojan Records; The Stooges; and Kingsbury Manx. 

I did anything to avoid work; my mileage, a driver's permit application form (even  though I don't drive currently) and chased up my IT issue (obv no resolution) before I finally bored myself into organising Thu and Mon. 

We took a stroll out at lunchtime to book Nic's 50th dinner at the Walnut; bright and cold and low long shadows for 30 mins before work took hold again. 

It was dark when we left; and in for yet another pomegranate related dinner (other ingredients - hummus, mint, feta, grated beetroot, yoghurt, chicken) and I exited stage right at 10. 

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