By MsQuizzical

The Bucks Stopped Here ....

.... on the summit of Penny's Hill.

We parked at Hayes Hill Farm and walked to Holyfield Hall Farm. I would usually climb the hill from the farm to the viewpoint from which the Shard and the London skyline can be seen. Today we took the cycle track that runs south and east where yellow-hammers, stonechats, reed buntings, pied and grey wagtails and corn buntings are often seen. We didn't spot any but Ollie picked up the scent of deer. I've never seen them here before. The herd on the hilltop has four bucks which is quite unusual.

There are always geese grazing in the area. The road to the farm passes an area called Goosefield. Today we saw Canada, which are in my pic, Greylag and Egyptian.

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