Flying with the Times

Frayed and faded, this flag seen blowing in a back garden on the way to coffee morning sums up how I feel about the current political situation in Britain. Blowing where the wind takes us, harking back to times past and not acknowledging that everything changes.

Annoyed again that the vicar had commandeered the church for yet another lecture - on what? She is so obviously trying to disrupt the social meeting on a Saturday morning. I think my view of Christianity must be totally different from hers. It seems to me that she wants her congregation to become committed to theological ideas, which, being ideas, have no more basis than in other what you want to believe, The coffee  morning on the other hand promotes what I consider to be the pragmatic and social aspect of Christianity, encouraging people to commune, communicate and empathise. 

Have spent the afternoon getting my books up to date for the dreaded tax return. Have decided that I have retired from self employment. It's not as if I'm making any money.

Len went to watch Leicester City lose 1-2 at home to Southampton. 

Another gloomy day.

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