This is NOT an owl!

If asked, and I hadn't known, I'd have guessed at, perhaps one of the indoor tradescantia varieties. I'd certainly not have said "Is it an orchid?"
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Beetham Nurseries were having their annual Orchid Weekend.
Since we didn't fancy both days we chose today; partly because an injury had ended one of tomorrow's talks and of today's two we fancied the later one. We were also informed that "Bob's Owls will be here." = More blip options. :¬)
As is always the case we shot more than enough to pick a shot from, but on upload, and knowing Jerra's shots/inclination my money's on his being a "Wowl", possibly a "BIG scary thing with orange eyes and "gurt lugs", it became apparent that "a Nowl" was off my menu.
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The lecture we attended was on "'Exciting and unusual orchids to expand your collection'" they were right, as usual.
I could have left with my bank severely ruptured, but didn't, just mildly wounded.
This is one of two I wended my way home with. Neither demand HUGE temperatures, so we're in with a chance.
I've sited Beetham, but took this shot at home, despite the vast number I shot down there.

For my record:-
Ludisia discolor - "Jewel Orchid."

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