An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Mummy's Little Helper...

Lola's been helping lots today...helping herself to my toast, a sock, a plug, a tissue and a soft toy to name a few.  But look at that face.  It's impossible to stay annoyed with her :-)

I spent the entire day upstairs and didn't come down till 7.45pm.  My wardrobe clear out and tidy up that began months ago, is now fully complete.  There is now complete order to my clothes, hand bags, shoes and scarves.  I could be run over by a bus tomorrow, safe in the knowledge that my "stuff" tidy.  

Oh hang on, I've still got the underwear drawers to do!  Better avoid buses tell that's done!

I mentioned previously that I have a bit of a scarf obsession (Ele bought me a little plaque that says So many little time :-) but  I have been ruthless and got rid of 20 odd scarves!  (I won't embarrass myself by telling you how many I have left.) 

I also cleared out my dressing table so make up, hair products and jewellery have all been sorted too.  I can't believe the difference it has made.  Now just the wardrobe and chest of drawers in the small spare room to tackle.  All the stuff in there I've forgotten about so I suspect it can go.  Well apart from my wedding dress of course.   I should set myself a challenge of trying to get back into it in time for our 30th wedding anniversary in August!!  

Actually thinking about it, I'd probably have had to start a year ago to have any hope of managing that!  :D 

In other news, the letter i on my laptop has stopped working and I have to press it about six times to get it to work.  Very annoyng.  I mean annoying!

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